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    The company introduces advanced production equipment at home and abroad, uses industry-leading production technology and high-performance environmental protection materials, strictly implements the enterprise standard Q/320116 GRC 01-2017, to ensure product quality, products are widely used in petrochemical enterprises and FFS heavy packaging film enterprises. At present, our company in wuhan petrochemical, yangzi petrochemical, petrochemical, zhenhai petrochemical, this new material, yangzi basf and sinopec mitsui, shenhua group, ShengHong group, Shanghai donghua energy, luxi chemical joint petrochemical, fujian, xinjiang dushanzi petrochemical, daqing petrochemical, jilin petrochemical, sichuan, zhejiang petrochemical and other large oil and chemical enterprises to provide supporting services. The successful cooperation with first-class enterprises fully reflects the customer's recognition of our product performance, service ...

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    Enterprises based on R & D, investment and development of new materials for petrochemical industry
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