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The company makes the following commitments to its products and services:

1、Raw materials: the main raw materials of the company's products are sinopec, PETROCHINA, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Dow and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad, to ensure good quality and stability of the products.

2、Technology and equipment: the company uses the industry's advanced technology for production, FFS film extrusion equipment from Germany and Italy imported, printing equipment is produced by the leading domestic manufacturers. The company implements iso9001:2000 quality system.

3、Product testing: the company is equipped with complete testing equipment and professional testing personnel, to test each batch of products. And to the customer issued each batch of inspection and testing report.

4、After-sales service: the company is equipped with professional after-sales service engineers, to help customers solve the related problems encountered in the use of the company's products, if necessary, can send technical personnel to the door service.

Anytime online customer technical consulting system, to provide users with products, technology, logistics and related issues consulting services.

Issue "Product Use Instruction Manual" to new customers, and arrange special personnel to stay with customers to participate in the trial until the use is stable and correct; For old customers, we also provide regular after-sales service and visit. For online problems that can not be solved, our after-sales service personnel will arrive at the site within 48 hours to deal with the problem.

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