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The company holds QEO management system knowledge lectures

In order to let managers better understand the company's management system and related requirements, so as to implement in daily work. The company will organize "QEO Management System Knowledge Lecture" from June 10, 2021. The general manager of the company made a learning mobilization speech before class, and encouraged the students to learn the QEO management system knowledge combined with their own work, to apply to the actual work.

In the class, Minister Lu mainly explained the QEO management system students patiently from the course overview, management system standards, quality management basis and terminology, principles of standard management system and other aspects of knowledge. In addition to taking notes attentively, the students also communicated and discussed with Minister Lu. The classroom maintained a strong learning atmosphere.

Through the QEO management system knowledge training, will greatly improve the company's staff in the quality of work, work environment and occupational health and safety management self-requirements, better adjust themselves, improve the work plan and objectives, further promote the smooth development of daily work.


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