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The company organizes fire safety drills
      In order to effectively strengthen the daily safety management of the company and improve the safety and fire fighting quality, safety prevention and self-rescue ability of all staff, on the morning of April 20, 2017, a fire emergency safety drill was held with the theme of "safety development, prevention first". The company's general manager Huang, General assistant Wang, all department heads and all staff participated in the drill.
      Before the drill, the assistant workshop director of the company formulated the drill activity plan according to the actual situation of the company, and made clear the responsibility requirements, which provided a practical guarantee for the success of the drill.
      The main contents of the drill are: the basic knowledge of fire extinguishers is introduced, the fire extinguishing steps and basic skills and application skills are explained, and the operation process of the use of fire extinguishers is demonstrated. Then, fire scenarios are set up according to the emergency plan and fire drills are carried out.
      Through this exercise, comprehensively improve the overall safety awareness and fire skills, to eliminate the irrational fire safety concept, enhance the self-protection awareness of employees, ensure that all employees can master of fire prevention and fire escape, save your basic skills, the maximum guarantee personal safety and property of the company.

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