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Industry dynamic
China's plastic and master materials industry will usher in new opportunities

In the past 30 years, the plastics and master materials industry depends on a good market environment and cheap labor, the world's manufacturing industry has gathered in China, for the plastics and master materials industry to broaden the application market. In the next decade, China will gradually transform from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and the use of plastics and master materials as basic raw materials will further increase, which will bring the right business opportunities and broad application prospects to the domestic upstream and downstream industry chain.

  一、Overview of plastics and master materials industry

  Plastic industry In 2014, the domestic plastic output of 69.5 million tons, up 10.3% year on year; Apparent consumption was 96.51 million tons, up 13% year on year; The import volume was 32.15 million tons, up 2.94% year on year. Among domestic plastics, the production of polypropylene increased the most, reaching 14.03 million tons. In the imported plastics, the import of high-grade synthetic materials grew rapidly.

  2011 years for the national color masterbatch branch of masterbatch production enterprises above designated size census shows that China's annual masterbatch has amounted to 650000 tons/year, to 2014, our country masterbatch enterprises above designated size annual assessment has reached more than 800000 tons/year, plus a large number of small and medium-sized enterprise production, conservative estimates China's annual masterbatch is now more than 850000 tons/year, And the multi-functional masterbatch industry after ten years of development, from the original single function, has gradually developed into a variety of unique features, a variety of functions integration functions such as a wide variety of multi-functional masterbatch, its wide application field, variety, high technology content, high demand, multi-functional masterbatch is much larger than the scale of color masterbatch, a conservative estimate, Has reached more than 1 million tons/year, many original color masterbatch enterprises, also continue to develop to the direction of multi-function masterbatch, the characteristics of multi-function masterbatch, is the key core material and the backbone force to support the improvement of plastic performance, function, industrial transformation and upgrading, product upgrading, broad market application, unlimited prospects.

  According to THE IMF, the global growth rate will reach 3.4% in 2014 and 4.0% in 2015. The Chinese economy grew by 7.4% in 2014 and 7.1% in 2015. India's economy grew 5.4% in 2014 and 6.4% in 2015. The world economy as a whole will continue to develop and recover. Based on the above data, the plastics and masterbatch industries are on a steady rise and have a good development prospect.

  二、New opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative and the Free Trade Area

  The implementation of national development strategies and policies related to "innovative development", "energy conservation and emission reduction", "One Belt and One Road", and "Free Trade Zone" have also provided the plastics and master material industry with rare development space and opportunities. Advances in new equipment systems and equipment manufacturing, as well as the rise of transportation and aerospace industries, will drive the growth of new materials industry and producer services such as industrial design. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading will continue to accelerate; In the resource guarantee, energy conservation and emission reduction, elimination of backwardness, environmental governance, safety and other aspects of production to improve the overall technical level of China's plastic and master material system, enhance the competitiveness of national brands in the international market.

  "Going out" of economic development, plastic and masterbatch industry development must also "going out", to expand overseas market, with international standards, the transfer of industrial consumer goods production capacity, also can promote and transformation of plastic and masterbatch industry's traditional production capacity, technological innovation ability, the production efficiency, strengthen the domestic and foreign import and export trade, promote the implementation of the new business development model expand the product market, Drive the rapid development of domestic plastics and master material industry.

  三、Transformation and upgrading led to rapid growth in demand

  China's per capita GDP has reached nearly 6,000 US dollars per person. Most people's consumption habits have gone beyond "subsistence" to "development", and some developed areas have reached "moderately developed". People demand cleaner energy, better performance materials, more comfortable clothing, safer chemicals, more efficient fertilizers and lower pesticide residues. High performance, green and safe high-end chemical products will become the focus of development.

  The development of strategic emerging industries puts forward more demands for high-end chemical products :(1) transportation chemicals (including special chemical materials for automobiles, high-speed rail, aerospace and other applications); (2) Chemicals used in life sciences (including pharmaceutical, medical, biological, agricultural and other fields); (3) Energy saving and environmental protection chemicals (such as materials and chemicals for building energy saving, air and sewage treatment); (4) electronic chemicals (supporting the electronic industry, such as screens, batteries, plastics, etc.); (5) New energy chemicals (such as wind power, photoelectric and other supporting chemical materials), the requirements of high-end products in all walks of life, the application and development of plastics and masterbatch industry will enter a new period of rapid development, the use will rapidly expand and increase.

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