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Industry dynamic
"Internet +" chemical industry: Gradually clear

    At present, for most chemical enterprises, "Internet +" is just a lofty concept. Although the government is constantly intensify efforts to advocate and promote the strategy of "2025" made in China, the media is also highlighted will "Internet + traditional industry" to describe future, some Internet community leaders has predicted that the Internet will overturn many traditional industries, but specific to the chemical industry, at present most enterprises to "Internet +" is not in-depth understanding and thinking. Some enterprises feel that the Internet is far away from them, and some enterprises think that doing an enterprise website or opening an online shop on Taobao is "Internet plus". What exactly is Internet Plus? What can companies do? And where to start? Much of the industry remains at sea.
    In fact, the transformation of "Internet +" for chemical enterprises will not be as earth-shaking as the consumer goods retail industry, nor is it as simple as making a website or opening an online shop. Industry experts said that the core of Internet + chemical industry will be around e-commerce, Internet financial services, intelligent manufacturing, digital factories, etc. With the promotion of the Internet strategy, there will be more extensive and in-depth driving forces such as collaborative innovation, reconstruction of industrial ecological environment, etc.
    Embrace "Internet Plus" to establish innovative thinking
   "Currently, the chemical industry has entered a new normal. Affected by the development environment at home and abroad, the chemical industry is faced with multiple challenges such as overcapacity, rising cost, declining benefit, increasing resource and environmental constraints and insufficient innovation ability. These factors will affect the development of the industry for a long time, and it is urgent to study a variety of countermeasures to promote the sustainable development of the industry. The rapid development of new information technologies, such as' Internet + 'and intelligent manufacturing, provides an important means for the chemical industry to resolve industrial development contradictions, achieve transformation and upgrading, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises." Wei Naixin, director of the ChemChina Economic and Technological Development Center, gave his view on how the Internet is affecting the chemical industry.
    Wei is a new point: "the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, the development of a new generation of information technology such as mobile communication, is profoundly change with the development of the traditional manufacturing mode, only seize the historical opportunity, actively embracing" Internet + ", we can in the new technological revolution and industrial revolution grab the commanding heights."
 However, the actual situation at present is that the enterprises' understanding of "Internet +" is still very superficial, and most of them just stay in the concept. They do not know what impact "Internet +" will have on the development of the chemical industry and the production and operation of enterprises, and they are at a loss about how to implement "Internet +".  
    Build smart factories to solve industry problems
    In addition to the starting point of e-commerce platform, the construction of intelligent factory is also another fast channel for the chemical industry to fully enter the "Internet +" world. Moreover, the construction of intelligent factory is the foundation of the deep integration of the chemical industry and the Internet, and also a core of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional chemical industry by the Internet.
    Since May 2014, China National Chemical Economic and Technological Development Center has completed the research Report on Intelligent Factories in petrochemical Industry for one year. Zhang Chunli, deputy director of information Market department of China Chemical Economic and Technological Development Center, who participated in the research project, said that intelligent factory is not a new thing, but the advanced product of the development of modern chemical enterprise informatization, and also the specific form of the deep integration of the two. The concept of integration of the two was first proposed in the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2002. In the past ten years, the integration of the two has been constantly developing and improving. At present, the construction of intelligent factory has become the key direction of the integration development of the two in the petrochemical industry. In recent years, with the rapid development and widespread application of cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile communication, big data and intelligent new generation of information technology, intelligent petrochemical enterprises have become possible.
    The development of intelligent factory can be divided into three stages: primary, intermediate and advanced. The primary stage is to basically realize the automation of the manufacturing process; The intermediate stage is the preliminary analysis and prediction of the key links in the manufacturing process to achieve semi-intelligent industrial production. The advanced stage is the development stage of intelligent industry.
    The deep integration of "Internet +" and the chemical industry is the general trend, especially in intelligent manufacturing, who seize the opportunity to go ahead, will win the development of the first opportunity. It is the only way for the sustainable development of China's chemical industry to transform the traditional production mode of low quality, low efficiency, high energy consumption and heavy pollution into the advanced manufacturing mode of high science and technology content, good economic benefit, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and full play of human resources by modern information means.

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